Why You Should Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of victoria beckham handbags Design

Seeing some fashion trends featured in New York Fashion Week, we are not to miss the appearance of victoria beckham handbags. In addition to clothing that has become a trend for the fashion designer she is known to design bags that are very interesting. In the event she introduced a white bag with geometric shaped detail and a zipper accent at the center of the bag. In addition to a very attractive bag is also exhibited in this show a design handbag detail and smooth without wearing this bag still looks very attractive. To carry this bag quite simply sealed in the hips
and does not need to be portable. It’s very simple yes, right?

If we follow the development of the design of victoria beckham handbags then the result is a design that is always a favorite. All design bag incurred always wanted to be followed by women around the world. Victoria Bekham always has a characteristic with a very elegant, simple design but will not make the wearer feel bored, distinctive look that always looks chic inconspicuous and always looks sophisticated. Design created this beautiful woman is always comfortable to wear in a variety of conditions that make the wearer feel like I'm following the fashion show.

Shown with a very fashionable indeed very important to keep up appearances while in an event or for everyday purposes. But in choosing an item that follow fashion has to look at the convenience and side effects. As we know that wearing high heels overload is not a good thing, and this is also true for a bag that we use. Some of the designs generated by victoria beckham handbags with heavy transgressors have been reported to have adverse effects to health and shoulders arms. This disorder is called in the medical world as Poshitis. The word is derived from the word “Posh “is a designation for Victoria Bekham while still a member of the Spice Girls. This disorder is the result of a strained shoulder muscle caused by a load that is too heavy handbag without wearing a strap tote. From this we can conclude that the health problem is more important than following a design trend that is too excessive.