Example of the Black and White Nail Art

Black and white nail art is perfect for some women. The reason of the color choice is the color combination. Many people love the idea of using the black and white at the same time. These two colors have been the most common colors since the long time. People will never run out of ideas to combine these two colors into the good color combination and design. As the proof, it is not only good for your nails, but also good for the other things. You can find many combinations of black and white colors in every aspect of our life.

One of the best black and white nail art designs is the polka dots. The
idea of polka dots is unique. It will need the black background as your primary color. After the perfect appliance of the black color, you can add several dots on the black colors. You can use the other black and white nail art design like the stripes. This design will remind you of the jail, because some of the characters in the cartoon usually wear the black and white stripes.

As the better shape for the black and white nail art, you can use the zebra color for your nail art. It duplicates the color of zebra. Using this nail art, you will get the elegant effect and the zebra effect. It can boost your mood with the beautiful design of the zebra nail art. To get prettier effect, you can add the other pretty color like pink or yellow at the tip of your nails. However, the use of the zebra nail art without the other color combination will seem very plain. There are the other black and white combinations available to combine with other colors. Some of them will not be good to be used by themselves. You have to be smart to combine it with the other feminism color.

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