The Deep Meaning Behind Kate Middleton Engagement Ring History

Since the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it is sure that there are so many people who want to have the same engagement ring as Kate Middleton’s ring. The ring is made of 18 carats oval blue sapphire as its main stone. Also, the blue sapphire is surrounded by 14 small diamonds so it looks very elegant and beautiful.  Actually, the reason people want this ring so much is not because of its design. It is because kate middleton engagement ring history which is very touching. Maybe at first you will think that the ring is not really attractive. That is why you should know the history.

Actually, katemiddletonengagement ring history is not really complicated. The ring was made in 1981. Princess Diana received this ring from Prince Charles. Even though it is given by the prince, this ring was actually chosen by Princess Diana herself. Many people thought that it is not suitable for Princess Diana because the stone is just sapphire. However, Princess
Diana said that the ring is what she wants. It is sure that Princess Diana loved the ring so much because even she divorced from Prince Charles, she still wore the ring.

The story has not stopped yet. After Princess Diana died in a car accident, Prince Charles gave the opportunity to his children to choose one of Princess Diana’s stuff. Prince William chose her watch, while Prince Harry chose this ring. However, they exchange the stuff because Prince William wants to give the ring to his fiancĂ©e. Kate Middleton added two platinum studs to the ring because she had different size from Princess Diana. From this brief katemiddleton engagement ring history, you will know how precious the ring is. That is why it makes sense if people want to have the exactly the same ring as this ring.

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