Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Appearance

Do you know what the Kate Middleton Engagement Ring looks like? Everybody knows Kate Middleton. She is the wife of the Prince William. The ring is very beautiful compared to the other engagement ring in all over the world. Prince William finally marries his love at April 2011. They have been in love for so long, and they decided to bring their love to the higher level. This article is going to talk about the Kate Middleton Engagement Ring.

People noticed that the ring is not just a usual ring. It is not only good at
fashion and design, but it also looks like the ring of Princess Diana. If you think that the ring is the same, then you are right. Price William uses the ring of his mother to propose his future wife. He chooses that ring because he has a reason. He wants her mother knows how much he loves Kate Middleton, and he wished her mother to be there. Because of that, he chooses to use the ring of her mother to propose his future wife.
The ring is very beautiful with the black color. Actually, the color is not black. It is dark blue sapphire and white diamond ring. Lady Diana chose the beautiful ring at 1981 after the proposal of Charles. This is very beautiful and elegant look. It is very suitable to every Queen. 

Engagement ring is practically a ring that is intended to indicate that the person who wears the ring is already engaged and about to get married with someone. It is a common custom in some of the Western cultures like in the United Kingdom as well as in North America. Traditionally; the engagement ring is only worn by women, but the use of two matching rings for both men and women are now quite common. There are cultures that use the engagement ring for the wedding ring as well. Most of the engagement rings are featuring gemstones; there are various gemstones can be added to the engagement ring, but the use of diamond is probably the most common. There are popular engagement rings that inspire people to use the similar ring like the kate middleton engagement ring that is featuring blue Ceylon sapphire.

The Kate Middleton Engagement ring has been talking by many people since the proposal time of the Prince William. However, if you have the same desire to have this ring, you can save it in your mind. The ring is very special for the King and Queen. The color and the design is irresistible. Every woman in this world will fall in love to the beautiful design of this ring. If you want this ring, you can ask your man to look for the ring with the similar design with the ring of Kate Middleton. 

Due the popularity of the engagement ring; there are people who made kate middleton engagement ring replica for their chosen engagement ring. The ring is also being the inspiration in designing custom engagement ring with similar gemstone layout or other similarities; the use of smaller gemstone or artificial sapphire can be the possible choice for anyone with limited budget, but wanted to have an engagement ring that is similar to the kate middleton engagement ring design. Conventionally; there is no specific design for an engagement ring since the ring is actually intended as betrothal gift from a man to the chosen woman after the marriage proposal is accepted. The engagement ring is mostly worn in the left ring finger, but there are other customs other cultures.

The engagement rings are made of various materials, but the use of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or other stainless metals are probably the most common. One of the reasons in using the precious metals is its stainless nature; the precious metals are also requiring simple maintenance due to its resistance to oxidation that will reduce the shine of most metals. The addition of gemstone is one of the most common engagement ring designs; the kate middleton engagement ring is using the blue Ceylon sapphire for the engagement ring accessory with the addition of several smaller diamonds that surround the blue sapphire. The use of diamond is one of the most common choices; the addition of gemstone may deliver certain meanings, wishes as well as more appealing appearance.

There are popular engagement rings known; the kate middleton engagement ring is one of the most popular engagement rings in the recent time. The engagement ring actually belongs to the Lady Diana Spencer who was Price William’s mother. The ring was her bethrotal gift from Prince Charles when the two engaged in February 1981. The engagement ring was made by Garrard; it is jewellery design and manufacture company based in London. The company was founded by George Wickes in 1735; the company is also the one who created the trophy for the English Premier League.

The kate middleton engagement ring price was 28,000 Poundsterling at that time; it is believed that Diana chose the ring since it has the similar look with the engagement ring belong to her mother. When Charles and Diana divorced; the ring was collected at the Kensington Palace. After the death of Diana; Prince Charles took the two of his son to Kensington Palace in order to pick mementos from their mother. The engagement ring was chosen by Prince Harry while Prince William took the Cartier Tank Francaise watch; the two eventually exchange their chosen mementos.

The information about the kate middleton engagement ring specifications is that the ring consists of 14 small diamonds that surround the 12 carat sapphire with oval shape. The diamonds and the blue Ceylon sapphire are set in 18 karat white gold ring with cluster setting. The ring was given to Kate Middleton in October 2010 after her long term relationship with Prince William. The kate middleton engagement ring price is believed around 85,000 Poundsterling at the present time; the combination of high quality gemstones, exquisite design and its history made it one of the most popular engagement ring at the present time.

The kate middleton engagement ring details are likely to be same since the ring was given by Prince Charles to Diana in 1981, but there is actually a slight difference since the engagement ring is actually re-sized from H to I size ring. Crown Jewelers G Collins and Sons were asked by Kate Middleton to add platinum studs to the ring in order to acquire the suitable size for her. The proper size of the engagement ring is one of the most important things to consider for anyone since the proper size will bring comfort and more safety; nobody wanted to have a fallen or slipped engagement ring due to the size is too big.

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