How to Treat Pimples Easy

How to treat pimples easy to do? Acne is a frustrating thing. They stick in the face, red, and pus . Make us uncomfortable and wanted to eliminate. Acne is caused by several factors and each one may be different. Anyone has a greasy face, this causes the dirt easily sticks to the face and then get into the pores. Reactions occur and to be acne. There is also a normal -looking people but often face while holding hands dirty. Bacteria and dirt on the hands will move on to face very easily.

Acne is caused by the irritation that occurs due to the entry of bacteria
and foreign matter into the pores. In other words, acne does not appear if the face is always clean and cleaned. Dirt is like dust, fumes, and pollution. Too often face while holding hands dirty can also cause acne. Women have a tendency to acne because it is too long to use thick makeup and exaggerated. Women are also victims of frequently changing advertising beauty products. Facial skin may not be compatible with some of the ingredients in beauty products that can cause allergic reactions and facial.

How to treat pimples is not spread easily and quickly lost. Acne is not a big threat origin treated properly. Some people spend a lot of money to buy anti- acne products, but not all give the same result even more acne. Try performing the following steps:

·         Wash your face with water as often as possible. You can use face soap and rub gently. Use cleaners and fresheners milk in the morning before using makeup. In the afternoon my makeup before showering.
·         Do not touch the face with acne. Let acne deflated by itself. Do not squeeze, pressing, or if you do not want to stab acne more severe risk. Reduce the face to hold the bacteria do not easily stick to the face.
·         Avoid direct sun exposure. In the early morning sunlight is healthy, but in the afternoon sunlight contains UV rays that can cause acne. Apply a protective cream face when outdoors.
·         Consumption of fruits and vegetables , avoid fatty foods
·         Avoid changing cosmetic products

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